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 A dentist should always aim at providing a beautiful smile and not just beautiful teeth

Botox is safe, minimally invasive, reversible treatment modality and can serve as a substitute for surgical procedures. The use of Botox is a minimally invasive procedure and is showing quite promising results in management of muscle-generated dental diseases like  bruxism, clenching, Temporomandibular disorders, Masseter hypertrophy and used to treat functional or esthetic dental conditions like  deep nasolabial folds, radial lip lines, teeth. 

Broken Dental Veneer Repair

What to do if your porcelain veneer chips, cracks, breaks or comes off

Dental veneers can improve a number of problems regarding the appearance of teeth. These include:
Cracked teeth, Chipped teeth, Stained teeth, Tooth gaps,Tooth misalignment

Broken front tooth same day repair with dentist in Chester

Worried about your big meeting? don't let that broken tooth hold you back

A patient came in distraught minutes before closing on Friday afternoon, with 4 broken front teeth after having an accident. The patient had an important business flight later that evening for a career changing meeting the following day, and was desperately seeking a solution. Usually the process of reconstructing such damage takes several visits in order for study models to be made and crowns/bridges to be constructed. However, with the limited time available to treat this patient and the importance of having a presentable smile, we were able to provide a quick-fix.

Wedding cosmetic dental service

Regardless of your age or gender, having a beautiful smile on your wedding day is everyone's dream

Groom lost front tooth 7 days before wedding!!!

This gentleman called us on Saturday with a broken front tooth, just a few days before his big day. Following an examination and x-rays, we unfortunately couldn't save the tooth due to a severe fracture making it unrestorable and in need of extraction. The process of constructing a bridge would usually take at least a few weeks for the dental laboratory to construct the bridge, however appreciating the importance of appearance for the groom-to-be, we were able to offer him a solution. We decided to construct a temporary Maryland bridge to disguise the space, and make his big day that little bit less stressful.