Worried about your big meeting? don't let that broken tooth hold you back

A patient came in distraught minutes before closing on Friday afternoon, with 4 broken front teeth after having an accident. The patient had an important business flight later that evening for a career changing meeting the following day, and was desperately seeking a solution. Usually the process of reconstructing such damage takes several visits in order for study models to be made and crowns/bridges to be constructed. However, with the limited time available to treat this patient and the importance of having a presentable smile, we were able to provide a quick-fix.

Solution :

Using composite build ups and temporary crowns, the patient's smile was transformed within the hour, allowing them to leave the clinic happy and look forward to their trip.


please note: this was only temporary and the patient agreed to come back for a permanent solution such as implants or bridges subject to further examination and clinical assessment.


How should I handle a chipped or fractured tooth?

If you fracture a tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water and use an ice pack or cold compress to reduce any swelling. Take ibuprofen, not aspirin, for pain (unless you're asthmatic, pregnant or are sensitive to it).Minor fractures and chips can be smoothed out by your dentist, while larger ones may need a restoration, such as a filling, crown or inlay.If you wear dentures and a tooth breaks or chips, wear your spare dentures until you can visit your dentist. If you do not have a spare set or cannot see your dentist in the near future, use cyanoacrylate (heavy-duty, quick-drying "super" glue) to glue the tooth or the piece of the tooth back into place. Make sure it's completely dry before re-inserting.

Remember—this is only a temporary measure until your dentist can properly repair your tooth and should only be used for dentures!


Never attempt to glue a natural tooth or part of a natural tooth back into place



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