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On your wedding day, you'll want to be the best you. When the wedding day finally arrives, all the months of hard work we’ll hope will pay off in a significant way. This is especially so for the bride and bridegroom, they would want to be the best they can be and truly celebrate this joyous occasion where they will spend the days together for the rest of their lives.

 Dental implants is used to replace teeth that are lost and mimics the natural dentition really well. Dental implants are the teeth replacement option of choice for most of the developed world today. This particular dental prosthetic offers a broad range of benefits and well accepted in the dental community, even for the patients. Dental implants provide a predictable, efficient, and reliable means for tooth replacements.

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We at Deva Dental Clinic would like to offer our services to perfect your big day. We believe that once you have booked all necessary arrangements and bought the dress/suit of your dreams, the only thing left is to achieve the perfect smile. We are sure you will be the most beautiful and the most confident version of yourself in your wedding photos once you have that stunning smile that you have always dreamed of!


Remember that all cosmetic treatments take time and require planning, so be sure to leave enough time to get the smile you and your wedding party want

Dental Implants. Implants replacing missing teeth usually take about 3 months to fuse into place before they can be restored with a crown or bridge. So implant treatments may take 4-6 months depending on what else needs to be done.

Additionally, dental implants offer completely edentulous and partially edentulous patients the function and esthetics they had with natural dentition. It enables patients to regain normal masticatory function, esthetics, speech, smile, and deglutition. Many patients have reported having their quality of life improved after placement of implants to replace the loss of natural teeth. Even in senior folks, they are able to masticate and speak better. Improved function and aesthetics have brought about a better lifestyle for those people.

Edentulous patients gain a feeling of higher self-esteem and well-being. In patients with craniomaxillofacial defects, implants can be used to replace ears, noses, eyes, and other maxillofacial defects. Moreover, congenital, traumatic, and developmental oral defects can be treated with implants.


However, there are cases where the implant fail in the oral cavity after placement is done. It all boils down to how well the implant piece fuses with the bone.

Osseointegration is a good indication of the clinical success of titanium implants referring to the direct anchorage of such implants to the surrounding host bone. In spite of the high success rate of endosseous dental implants, they do fail. A lack of initial stability, surgical trauma, and infection seem to be the most important causes of early implant failure. Failures that occur between abutment connection and delivery of the prosthesis are most likely caused by unfavorable loads. Systemic problems such as an uncontrolled diabetes, the intake of biphosphonates can affect the osseointegration

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Choose from our range of treatments and create a unique smile to make your special event or wedding day, Our wedding treatments includes:

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