Enrich the beauty of your lips with the best quality dermal fillers

Non-surgical lip enhancements utilising certain lip filler products is becoming one of the best received cosmetic treatments in clinics across the U.K. today. Lip fillers can help you achieve youthful looking, plump lips, particularly beneficial for women with thinning or naturally thin lips. The lip filler utilised is specially designed to restore volume and form beautifully shaped lips. Also, this is a good choice for smokers who want to minimise the ageing lines around the lips area.

Lips are very sensitive; hence an anaesthetic is first rubbed into the lips to make sure the area is numb. Afterwards, Lip fillers are cautiously injected into the area necessary to give more luscious lips.


The entire lip enhancement procedure takes as little as thirty minutes and can be performed during the day enabling you to get back to work with the benefit of no down time. The end results are instant and usually last 3 to 6 months. To discuss the best way you can accomplish fuller lips with more definition, arrange a consultation and we will develop a customised treatment plan to enable you to achieve the look you desire.

Why should I have the treatment at Deva Dental Clinic?

1.        Experienced Practitioners: You will be treated by one of the most competent, cosmetic doctors in the UK. We provide the top level service to our patient.

2.        Care and Attention: At Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on patient care and attention to details; hence, our experienced team will make sure that your visit and procedure is as enlightening, comfortable and professional as feasible

3.        Clinic Location: The treatments are conducted at our exquisite functional clinic just outside of central Chester. Deva Dental Clinic provides accessible off-street free parking for our patients.

4.        High Patient Satisfaction: Our patients are delighted with their outcomes leaving us with many returning to have additional treatments. Moreover, we have a lot of clients that recommend family and friends to the clinic.

5.        We are SAFE and CARE QUALITY COMMISSION (CQC) authorised & regulated clinic, and this guarantees that we implemented top standard treatment procedures, hygiene and care to our patients.


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We will talk you through the high-grade dermal filler products we utilise and which one, or perhaps which combination, will accomplish the ideal results for you as a part of your customised treatment plan. Book your FREE Consultation today or call us on 01244 377373.










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