If you've lost a few or all your natural teeth, partial or full dentures can replace your missing tooth and enhance your smile and your chewing ability. When you have tooth loss, Deva Dental Clinic can give you back your charming smile by adopting a Partial Denture or Full Denture treatment plan that matches your preferences both financially and aesthetically.
Benefits of complete and partial dentures include enhanced aesthetic look, improved chewing ability, improved speech, and enhanced oral health. The tooth component of the denture is made up of ceramic material to ensure that they are durable. The bottom part of the denture features an acrylic which fits perfectly over the gums.
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Full Denture
When all of your lower or upper teeth are missing, a complete denture is a fantastic solution  to replacing them. The starting point in crafting a full denture is to take impressions. An exact model of your mouth is crafted from these impressions, and the lab applies this model to create the denture footing.
Partial Denture
When several teeth in an arch are missing, a partial denture is an effective solution to replacing them. Partials are extractable devices that are held in place by clasps that fit around a few of the remaining teeth.
Flexi denture
Flexible dentures are an alternative to the traditional metal-based dentures. They don’t involve rock-hard attachments to the remaining natural teeth, offer a much better fit and look very natural. The appeal of flexi denture related to their better design, fit, and materials. Also, they are made faster when compared with traditional dentures, and also the nylon resin will never break.

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Oops!!! Broken your denture or perhaps want a tooth added? We can do virtually all repairs in one visit, and even you don’t need a scheduled appointment. You only need to call first and clearly explain what you need to be achieved and we will respond promptly. An out-of-hours call will be monitored, and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible. Relines and even more complex repairs usually take a little longer with our Clinical Dental Technician. Call us today on 01244 377373 to schedule an appointment with our expert dental
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