Resin bonded/retained bridges are a minimally invasive option for replacing missing teeth and were first described over 30 years ago. With improvements in the field of adhesive dentistry, resin-bonded bridgework has become a viable option for the long-term replacement of missing teeth. A resin bonded/retained bridge is also known as a ‘sticky bridge’. The replacement tooth has metal wings on one or both sides which are stuck to the tooth next to it (adjacent).

Procedure of Resin-bonded Bridge

In order to make a sticky bridge, we may need to reshape the adjacent teeth which will the wings of the bridge will attach onto. The reshaping is minimal and sticky bridges are generally considered a very conservative (less destructive) type of treatment.
We will then take moulds of your teeth and when the bridge has been made in the laboratory, we will provide you with another appointment so that the bridge can be stuck in place.


Advantage of resin-bonded prostheses

Resin bonded bridges can be highly effective in replacing missing teeth, restoring oral function and aesthetics and result in high levels of patient satisfaction. They
represent a minimally invasive, cost effective and long lasting treatment modality.
Minimal tooth preparation is required and so they can usually be considered a reversible procedure.
As dentine preparation is not involved, the integrity of a young pulp is maintained.
Anaesthesia is not normally required.
Soft tissues are not disturbed which simplifies impression procedures,and margins are supra gingival, facilitating plaque removal.


Before and after photo performed at Deva Dental Clinic 

Resin-bonded Bridge
Resin-bonded Bridge Maryland Bridge

Young patient presenting with developmentally missing lateral incisors.
Note the :Resin bonded bridges in situ replacing the lateral incisors. The emergence profile created following ridge preparation and use of an Emax pontic gives a pleasing aesthetic result.


Maryland Bridge  Deva Dental Clinic          Resin bonded bridges can be highly effective in replacing missing teeth

This gentleman called us on Saturday with a broken front tooth, just a few days before his big day. We decided to construct a temporary Maryland bridge to disguise the space, and make his big day that little bit less stressful. As a result, the groom was able to smile confidently in his wedding photos ... Read More >>>

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