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Gold Front tooh

If cosmetic appearance is not a factor, nothing can beat a gold crow

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Implant-supported over-denture
Courtesy: Dr. Nico Kamosi

Maxillary cross-arch CAD/CAM alveolar-bar/ cast-supra-structure supported removable full-arch prosthesis/over-denture

Mandibular cross-arch cast alveolar-bar/ clips-retained/supported removable full-arch prosthesis/over-denture

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 Dr Nic H Kamosi

GDC number: 70429 

Specialist Periodontist, Implantologist, prosthodontist

TDL., DDS. (Gtbg.Swe.), MSc.Perio.(UCL.Eng.), MClinDent.Perio.(UCL.Eng.), MSc.Imp.Dent.(UCL.Eng.),
Dip.Aesth.Med. (Lond.Eng.), MClinDent.Prosth.(KCL.Eng.), Cert.DHSLM.(RCS.Eng.), Dip.DHSLM.(RCS.Eng.)

Nic graduated from the prestigious dental University of Gothenburg in Sweden in 1995. After a few years of intensive practice in London, he undertook a fully recognised specialised training in Periodontology in 1997. He received his MSc. followed by M.ClinDent. and Post-M.ClinDent in periodontology from the university of London.

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