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Broken Instrument Removal: The Endodontic Challenge

Examples of cases undertaken by Dr Aminnejad. Broken instrument removal

Removal of instrument fractures can always be problematical and time consuming. This fractured file tip in the distal root of a lower right six was removed with the use of ultrasonic and the IRS system. 

Botox For Migraines: How Does It Work


Botox is a cosmetic procedure of getting a wrinkle-free face and also to prevent the appearance of aging. Yet, the current buzz is using Botox for migraine treatments. It has recently been discovered that people who took Botox injections claimed a drop in the severity of their headaches. So is it factual that Botox can actually treat migraines?

Single visit vs. multi-visit root canal treatment


Root canal treatment can either be done single or multi-visit. Which one is the better choice? How do ou decide? Historically root canal treatment was performed in multiple visits mainly to ensure sterility of root canal system before obturation. As complete sterilization was not possible with biomechanical preparation and irrigation, intracanal medicaments were used to ensure the total eradication of bacteria.

Which is better, root canal or extraction?

When the decay from the tooth becomes huge and invasive, the dentist will usually pose 2 options to the patient. Root canal treatment (Root Filling) or tooth removal.The whole point of root canal therapy is to try to save a tooth, not to remove it.